Photography Reveals a Home’s Heart

Perhaps renowned photographer Ansel Adams said it best when he observed: “Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation, and execution.”

Kovach Marketing, as brand strategist and real estate industry professional, knows that when creating brands we must connect with buyers through the use of dynamic images.

Generic, lackluster photos miss an opportunity to share all the engaging features of a new home or community; they can also hamper the reach with modern, Internet-savvy buyers who have grown accustomed to eye-popping art online.

“As a veteran photographer specializing in the new home industry, it’s always been easy for me to see a direct correlation between my work and how it translates into home sales,” said photographer ChetFrohlich from Chet Frohlich Photography, Inc. “Without a doubt, over the last decade and with the emergence of the millennial generation, professional new home photography has never been more important.”

Studies suggest that online engagement actually increases with photography where depth of color and proper lighting allow a photo to outshine competing images. And in a world where 3D expressions, video, and photographs can be created with a smart phone and viewed with the swift swipe of a thumb, it is important to invest in professional photography that stokes the imagination.

Frohlich added: “The stakes for having high quality photography has never been greater. As a builder you will be judged in short order on the look of your product. In a competitive marketplace, the presentation of your product is paramount and investing in quality photography will have a greater effect on bottom-line sales.”

Eric Figge, founder of Eric Figge Photography, agrees and adds that relationships are a big part of the creative process: “It’s true you get what you pay for, but sometimes what you’re paying for isn’t worth using; it doesn’t represent you well and it doesn’t show what your passion is all about. We are inspired by clients who take design and marketing seriously. We become an intricate part of that marketing process, the team. I think that’s why most of my clients have been with us for over 30 years.”

According to Figge, it is critical to place the same amount of importance on the selection of your photographer that you place on hiring the right architects, designers, and marketing team to bring your project to fruition.

So, why do we feel it is imperative to select a professional home real estate photographer to market your new community and your new homes?

Skills: professional photographers have the eye, the experience, and the specially-designed high-tech equipment necessary to yield great images that will help sell your residential offering.

Unique perspective: a photographer brings a fresh lens to your community and offers suggestions and solutions that translate into awe-inspiring images. Professional photographers know how to capture the image that screams curb appeal, infuses romance into a master bedroom, and makes a gourmet kitchen a highly-desired feature for cooks and non-cooks alike.

Attention to detail: photographers apply a laser focus to all the right details. Yards are manicured and drapes are swept open. Blankets are smoothed out. Background clutter is removed. The time of day for the shoot is carefully planned to ensure that you get the best light possible.

Right touch: professional photographers carefully re-touch your images to fix what doesn’t work.

With specialty programs, skill, and a little bit of magic, your real estate photos can be artfully crafted to perfection.

Shadows are eliminated, and the view from the living room suddenly enjoys amazing depth. Also, a re-touched image can enliven colors on the walls, in the fabrics, and in the grains of the wood and granite.

Ultimately, photography tells an important story—the story of your home, your community, and your future. Getting that story right is a vital part of connecting with your market of buyers.

It does much more than just document history or catalogue a view. It is the art that captures that which cannot be said. It is what helps others to not just see, but experience a home. It is what harnesses the excitement and the beauty of the property and allows buyers to see themselves living a new life and a new dream. It is what sparks a smile.

Dana Kovach has been the owner and CEO of Kovach Marketing since 1990. She may be reached at

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