Desert Star Construction Raises the Standard

Positioned in the middle of the desert, Desert Star Construction’s custom home, “Enchanted Retreat” derives inspiration from the Mediterranean and European Renaissance, as well as garden homes. The luxurious home was quickly built, beginning construction in 2007 and completed in 2008.

Before construction, the owners expressed their penchant for Mediterranean architecture and landscape. Using this information, the architects at Candelaria Design Associates designed the home from the inside and out to adhere to the owner’s preference, taking into consideration the walls, balcony, and columns. In order to meet the European-Mediterranean theme, the property was designed in a semicircular form to give the feeling of connectivity throughout the home, where even enclosed spaces maintained a sense of openness.

It was then Desert Star Construction’s job to work closely with the future homeowner, architect and interior designer to successfully executive every diminutive detail to bring to reality the homeowner’s vision for their future home.

Desert Star Construction (DSC) prides itself on adhering to four values: leadership, passion, integrity, and excellence, all seen in the success of “Enchanted Retreat.” DSC dedicate themselves completely to their tasks, inspire exceptional people to do their best, go the extra mile to produce extraordinary results and guarantee the highest quality they can accomplish.

Their dedication was seen in a major problem when constructing “Enchanted Retreat:” the site was land locked with only one narrow driveway available for entry for materials and craftsmen to enter and leave. Although it was a race to the finish, the design and construction team worked together to produce a high quality outcome.


President of Desert Star Construction Jerry Meek said, “The entire effort was collaborative from start to finish with all vested parties supporting one another for the successful completion of the project until the day the homeowners moved in and enjoyed their first evening within its walls.” The home belongs to the exclusive and affluent community of Paradise Valley, Ariz. in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, where most homeowners in this community either reside full-time or have a second or third home.

Paradise Valley, adhering to its name, hosts some of the world’s most prominent and esteemed people, ranging from local leaders, athletes, to presidents of some of Fortune and Financial Times 500 companies. The Sonoran Desert further serves as a beautiful backdrop for this 2.5 acre home.

To add to the home’s theme, Jeff Berghoff and his talented team at Jeff Berghoff Design used three primary materials for the home to accentuate the European theme: wood, stone and iron; although a variety of materials and resources from all around the world were used when bringing to life this fairytale-esque home. The home is also surrounded by flower gardens and palm trees to give the feel of a retreat.

The interior is just as intricately designed as the outside, too, thanks to Bruce Stodola who tastefully selected a series of opulent features that would help create an open and comfortable appeal inside the house while still maintaining a high sense of sophistication. The home includes Italian manufactured Pantowindows, marble floors, groin vaults, crown moldings, coffered ceilings, crystal chandeliers, gold and ivory accents, ornately detailed barrel ceilings and handle-crafted marble fireplaces. The interior also includes pieces from the owner’s previous homes–antiques, reproductions and new furnishings, creating a delicate balance between formal and less formal.

“The tremendous amount of attention paid to every detail found throughout the home in combination with a large pallet of custom made products and materials successfully implemented into each room and space enables the entire home to stand out as a work of art,” Meek said.


Desert Star Construction is committed to the environment and practicing energy-efficient building. Currently, DSC is the leader in LEED certified luxury homes and continues to strive to make each of their homes as energy-efficient as possible; knowing the beneficial impact it can have on the environment and the fiscal benefits for the client. Currently DSC has two of the largest Net Zero homes in Arizona. “We believe in building green so our clients can live green,” Meek said.

Enchanted Retreat is no exception, featuring a multitude of green aspects that will help the homeowner cut down on their utility bills. The building envelope was solidified with extra one-inch foam at the exterior and R-19 batt insulation at all exterior walls, ensuring temperatures remain relative. Their use of Vantage lighting control allows lighting to be programmed for efficient use, both in terms of how long they operate and using only 90 percent of lamp capacity, leading to a doubled life cycle. Also, the use of flow sensors, acid and fertilizer injection systems manage to reduce the wall bill by approximately 35 percent while delivering high quality water.

The home is rich in amenities, such as a guest wing, tennis court, a tennis pavilion accessorized with a full bar and three plasma TVs, three custom garages for the clients car collection that is adorned with car lifts and even a functional shop, a library, eight stone fountains with different custom tile inside each of them, 15 fireplaces, a jogging trail, lush greenery, and a pool.

Desert Star Construction has been providing their impeccable business for over 37 years, building homes that are similar in size and caliber to “Enchanted Retreat.” Their future includes several new “legacy” projects that will continue to raise the bar on the quality of custom luxury homebuilding throughout Arizona.

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