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Celestia Bath by BainUltra Debuts New Finestone Solid Surface

(Québec, Canada. January 28, 2021) BainUltra® found inspiration in the heavens for its newest collection of freestanding baths. Introducing the Celestia™ 6233 soaker tub, an elegant interpretation of the ethereal loveliness of the night sky. The simple silhouette is purely stunning, with gentle curves and subtle waves that make this tub a true artistic masterpiece. The Celestia offers a softly feminine aesthetic that is also dramatic and powerful. Its sculpture-like composition perfectly incorporates BainUltra’s signature comfort and ergonomics to create a luxurious bathing experience that is out of this world.

Making the Celestia even more extraordinary is the fact that this tub is the first to be offered in FineStone™, the brand’s new high-quality solid surface material that pushes the limits of design and technology. Comprised of refined minerals and pure liquid acrylic, FineStone offers a new level of design possibilities. Not only does it offer exceptional insulation properties to keep bathwater warm longer, the material is extremely durable, light and color resistant, and has a non-porous surface that is naturally hygienic and easy to clean.

The Celestia is the first BainUltra tub made with FineStone to be available in the 62” x 33” x 24” size, with generous accommodations that allows bathers to stretch out and relax while soaking. The tub features two integrated armrests and a comfortably angled backrest for supreme comfort. A beautiful satin finish ensures this tub will maintain its good looks and continue to offer blissful soaks for years to come.


For over 40 years, BainUltra®, a Canadian company, has helped customers throughout North America improve their personal health. While they’ve pioneered the development of therapeutic air jet baths, their mission over the years has evolved. Today, they offer an integrated line of products that help consumers improve relaxation, health and well-being right in their own homes. The company’s mission is to transform the bathroom from the ordinary to the inspired, by making it a fully personalized space that uses the best designs and therapies that will cater to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. BainUltra uses the latest advances in hydrotherapy – incorporating heat, massage, light, sound and aroma – to reinvent the bathing experience. To contact BainUltra, call 800-463-2187 or email at