8 Global Design Show Trends To Bring Home

A review of the latest trends featured at the industry’s largest shows that are making their way into the U.S. market


Fresh from the latest design shows comes inspiration filtered through the eyes of Décor Aid interior designers to bring into your home with ease. From Salone Del Mobile to New York’s epic design week, here’s a breakdown of the most innovative interior design trends seeping into the American market.

Cobalt Color Schemes

Moody and alluring, deep saturated blue shades were a main go-to hue of the season. And we’re betting that they’re virtually one interior option gone unexplored by most American designers. It’s a bold choice, but striking when used correctly, as evidenced by the vast options viewable in Milan’s most recent Salone Del Mobile. When considering dark blue hues for your clients, we suggest pairing them with lighter colored flooring to keep a space looking bright and airy, or opting for a single accent wall to forgo the weight of a darkened room.

Matte Black

Slick and forever cool, matte black was a recurring component at almost every design show. Lucky for you, when it comes to bringing the tone into your client’s home, you’ll find that designers everywhere have fabricated intriguing ways to include an unexpected matte black element. In an otherwise traditional space, designers have used matte black as a polarizing modern anchor. Suggest unique additions to existing appliances or fixtures, like a black sink or a sleek hanging pendant. These additions will last, too, because black never goes out of style.

Gold Details

The trick to bringing in all the gold our designers spotted is to keep a light hand. The market is fickle when it comes to precious metals, but gold is always here to stay; it’s the amount you’ll need to be privy to. Our designers noticed flecks of gold and barely-there accents in the most innovative of designs. As too much gold in a design can appear tacky or gaudy, it’s best to use gold details sparsely. While reflecting light and adding a sense of everyday glamor to a client’s home, gold objects are timeless classics, and can be sourced just about anywhere, for every budget.

Flora & Fauna Prints & Tropical Wallpaper

To bring this look into your home, our designers suggest using small hints of botanical prints and fabrications on an accent wall here, or a series of framed prints there.

Fringed Furniture

With the fashion world continually buzzing about decorative plays, cleverly incorporated fringe trim can add to just about anything; it’s no wonder the interior design world took note. And one look through designer Lorenza Bozzoli’s portfolio of Italian furnishings and accessories had us smitten. With a call back to bohemian design and the timeless mid-century modern, fringed furniture finds a niche home in the market among those daring enough to take a chance with this unique furniture.

Celestial Pendants

Luminous and utterly unique, a gorgeously realized starburst pendant or celestial chandelier will add a touch of the fantastic to even the simplest of rooms and is sure to become an instant conversation starter. From the intricately detailed pieces we spotted at design shows across the globe, we’ve deduced this is one of the most prominent new trends, soon to be making its way into retailers across the US.’

Geometric Tables

Who doesn’t love nesting tables? Easy to move, usually much less expensive than larger furnishings and chock full of visual interest, small geometric tables add a sense of the abstract and come in a variety of finishes in every color imaginable. This is an easy way to segue a traditional client’s home into a more modernized version with angular accents.


Often associated with dark, brooding men’s club decor and Victoriana, velvet upholstery hasn’t been popular since the early 60’s for many reasons. What makes it seem so viable today is a combination of modern silhouettes and colors like the much referenced millennial pink and nightwatch green. Consider if the environment and style your clients desire is preferable for velvet accents.

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Mario Lee is a senior designer with Décor Aid, with over 9 years of design under his belt. For more information, please visit www.decoraid.com

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