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We are back again with volume 16 of OPTIONS For Today’s Fine Homes. What a fine collection of homes we have put together to share with you. Many thanks to all of our homebuilders, designers and contributors for sharing their ideas and great work with us. I am delighted to see the options and upgrades business is making headway once again. For quite some time builders had done away with the provision of a lot of the lovely embellishments that a homeowner often likes to add during construction. The things that collaboratively make a house a unique home and an expression of the taste and style of the homeowners who live in it. Every home is someone’s particular castle, after all. Irrespective of size or shape, or whether the home is a mansion or a studio apartment. The broadest canvass most people will ever work on is the place they go to sleep in every night. Some builders embrace this philosophy by encouraging their homebuyers to visit their design centers. KB Studio exists to facilitate choices for KB Homes’ customers. A charming place where new home owners can select their finishing touches.
Other homebuilders prefer to include everything in the cost of the home. These builders have considered in advance what creature comforts or design cues reflect their buyer profiles and have designed various models to suit appropriately. For the indecisive buyers among us, this may be ideal.
Remodelers and the design build community are building to suit specific buyer requirements. Production homebuilders with three or four models to choose from, typically use a design center and trained options coordinators and design center staff to work with their clients. The adds-ons and tweaks that homeowners request are then scheduled during construction and managed accordingly. When the buyers move in, their new home is to all intents and purposes a semi custom home. All of their visions have been executed and provided by the builder. Just like a custom home.
Traditionally most adds on and upgrades included home theaters, media rooms, man cave garages and wine cellars. Now though, we see significant enhancement to kitchens, master baths and back yards too. Home gymnasiums are popular again. With digital opportunities bringing smart home technologies into all corners of the modern American home, you can reasonably expect to operate your lights, appliances, sprinklers, door locks, blinds, ceiling fans and entertainment center from your smart phone, while waiting in line at the bank, or anywhere else for that matter. Other choices buyers are making are for more sustainable and energy efficient options. LED lighting, EV charging stations and Photo Voltaic’s are proving popular. These options also increase a home’s resale value too.
Choices are good. Home buyers love them. Long live OPTIONS! Work hard and I will see you in the marketplace. Or perhaps at the Builder’s Bash at PCBC.

Slainte until next time,

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