Forecasting the Biggest Design Trends of 2016

Predicting decor trends is a treacherous affair, but also one I really enjoy. It’s fun to piece together clues from the year that has passed in an effort to figure out what we’ll all covet most in the year ahead. So what do I think will be on trend in 2016? Here are five home decor trends I’m calling now. Let’s hope I’m right—in particular because they’re all looks I love.

1. Patterned Tile: Who else is ready to see white subway tile fade into the background? Thankfully, we’re starting to see tile manufacturers embrace patterns again. Whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even eye-catching entryways, patterned tile will be everywhere in the months ahead. I’m especially loving the reinterpretation of encaustic tile as more accessible porcelain tile.


2. Creative Wall Covering: From wallpaper to more wood planks, putting color, pattern, and texture on the wall is the hot new thing. There are great DIY options out there for those wanting to bring the look into their homes on a budget; it’s encouraging to also see options from companies ranging from Robert Allen to Guildery.

3. Desks at Home: With all of the technology that’s been woven into our daily lives, I predict we’ll be spending more and more time in front of our computers this year. It’s time to ditch the laptop-in-bed setup and invest in a stylish (and comfortable) home desk. And you don’t need to devote a whole wing of your home into an office or anything. I think we’ll see a lot of creative uses of space, from bedroom office nooks to end tables that double as computer stands.

4. Vintage Pieces: Sure, we’ll continue to scour antique fairs and flea markets for one-of-a-kind pieces to lend character to our homes, but with the rise of so many online outlets, it is now easier than ever to shop for vintage pieces from anywhere. I think this will lead to more unique designs in homes across the country.

5. Think Pink: I know, everyone’s focusing on white right now as the color of the year, but I think pink will be the hot hue in the months ahead. In my opinion, current trends point to lusher tones and textures. Plus, what would look sexier than a lipstick pink chair in an otherwise all-white room?


6. Living Spaces in Bathrooms: Beyond the idea of a spa, the bathroom has evolved into a place where one might lounge. We are seeing more seating areas (usually for more than one person), TVs, perhaps even a writing desk. As we lead more jam packed lives even our time in the bathroom is becoming productive.

7. Hidden Technology: No more banks of black boxes with flashing red lights. Our new technology strives to be as hidden as possible. Look at the rise of the smart TV, or the blazing success of Amazon’s Echo, which can provide everything from light control to a pizza delivered without touching a button.

8. Brazilian Modern: Looking for the next style to stock up on? Brazilian Modern is where it’s at. With the passing of icon Oscar Niemeyer and the coming of the Olympics, Brazil has had a new light shining on its unique modern voice. The pieces are still affordable now, so grab them before they get too hot.

Los Angeles-based Mark Cutler is an acclaimed Australian interior designer and the head of one of Robb Report’s Top 40 design firms in the U.S., Mark Cutler has experience, taste, and a desire to help educate a community passionate about decor. In this role as Chief Designer for NousDECOR, Mark plays an integral role in the company, advising on product evolution and design, identifying professional and retail partnerships, and creating exclusive content for the site, including a weekly “Master Class” series detailing important insider tricks and techniques for decorating spaces. As principal of Mark Cutler Design, Mark has built a global and award-winning portfolio of high profile residential and commercial projects, including homes for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Tom Skerrit, as well as the Cipriani and Regent Hotels. For more information visit

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